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How I'm Able To Out Rank Any Business And Get Infront Of Red Hot Buyers Immediately And Make Consistent Sales Per Day

Without any expensive softwares including websites, funnels, or money on marketing


I don’t understand how to make money on Youtube, will this teach me?

NO. This is not a “make money” course. The course will teach you what to do and how to create a Youtube channel which is ready to outperfom everything else. 

Some would say the method of keyword research I teach can make you alot of money, but, that is only if you make it happen.


I’ve already got a Youtube channel BUT it does not make me any money – can I apply this method to my Youtube channel?

You can BUT I’d recommend starting from scratch as you may have already damaged your current channel which may slow down the growth.


Can you be a little more specific about what’s in this course?

SURE. This course is broken down into 7 short videos which will explain and give you examples of all of the IMPORTANT factors of setting up your Youtube channel. I do not focus on the pretty picture side of things like covers and profile pictures. I focus ONLY on the important stuff and I’ve made it super focused so anyone paying attention will be able to apply.


Why dont you offer refunds?

This course was created because I had so many people asking for me to create a course. 

I do not consider myself as a “guru” or “expert” in my field. I see myself as a bit of a nerd who spent years failuring over and over but never gave up. I found, applied, and earn through this method.

This method works, period. Success means something different to everyone and its ONLY the individual who make take a method and turn it into their own. 

If you buy this course, you buy it aknowledging you will not get a refund, however, you will be given access to my Facebook group where you can ask questions and I’ll help you.